Aesthetic Restorations

Restorations for posterior teeth

Tooth loss is one of the problems affecting most about oral health and appearance.When one or more teeth are lost, the remaining teeth can be moved to another location.This can lead to bite problems, lost more teeth, tooth decay and gum disease. Bridge is used to replace one or more teeth are lost, by bridging between two teeth.Helps improve diet and aesthetics.The most effective bridge for those who only lost a few teeth, because teeth usually have to bridge two teeth used to head the two sides

Incisor restoration (full porcelain crown - porcelain Cercon)

Porcelain crown - metal . Made up of a metal inner rib, are coated on the outside esthetics. This type of capillaryhigh aesthetic value because of its color, shine very much like real teeth. Metal ribs inside can be made ??of many different types, such as Cr-Co, titanium, alloy of gold ...

Cosmetic porcelain crowns: Cercon

Tetracyline prosthetic infection

In severe cases tetra, there are two ways to make that change color, Full Veneer Ceramic Grinding teeth less tissue, paste porcelain on the outside of theteeth. Restorations of this type should eat less when chewing at the bearing. porcelain metal crown, porcelain or porcelain precious metals overall

Aesthetic Restorations